Feb 082017
Brock Landon and Eryk Eastman at Dirty Tony

Drooling and gagging all over that stud’s sausage!….. Dirty Tony says: Eryk Eastman and Brock Landon are about to have a real clash of the titan hunks today! Eryk is a fitness freak and snow bunny from Utah that has fallen in love with the beautiful California sun. Handsome and rugged Brock is a mountain man from Montana with broad shoulders, hairy chest and a heart-warming smile. These guys hit it off right away; talking about their love of snowboarding and which states have the highest ratio of fuckable chicks. Now, talking about women puts a smile on Eryk’s face.

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Feb 052017
Fabian Fucks Eryk Eastman at Dirty Tony

Fabian rams into Eryk’s manhole!….. Dirty Tony says: Fabian and Eryk get together to talk fitness; health and wellness. Fabian, who’s curious about yoga, is excited to learn that Eryk practices at least once a week. Eryk offers to show Fabian some basic poses on the condition that they both take off their shirts and jeans. Fabian considers Eryk’s suggestion to be logical enough, considering the deep stretches involved in most yoga poses. Fabian, clad only in tight and skimpy underwear, follows Eryk’s instruction. Eryk, also almost naked, leads them both through basic poses and stretches. With Fabian down on

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Feb 032017
Phoenix Devonshire

Phoenix’s balls pull closer as he gets more aroused!…. Dirty Tony says: When Phoenix Devonshire finally unzips, the perfect outline of his cock is visible through the blue cotton of his underwear. His balls pull closer to his taint as he gets more aroused with each pull at his cock. See Phoenix Devonshire fully exposed here!

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Jan 222017
Casting couch Miles Brandford plays with his low hanging balls and swollen cock

Miles breathes heavier and heavier as he jacks his meat wad! Dirty Tony says: The charming Miles Brandford is on my couch today and I get to talk with him for a bit. I learn what kinds of things turn him on and some of his favorite sexual positions. He loves eye contact, being very vocal, and is a big oral lover. Miles shares a story about a crazy three way he had once and even though they werent the most attractive bunch, he still had a great time. Get this video at Dirty Tony! He isn’t completely close minded

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Jan 192017
Jeremy Stevens blond cum lover is into hairy guys and multiple partners at Dirty Tony

He cups his low hanging balls and moans with pleasure while he slowly strokes!….. Dirty Tony says: I love surprises. Jeremy Stevens is one incredibly smoking hot surprise I am happy to have grace my casting couch. I was out shopping one day and spotted this California stud hard at work at his place of business. I was more than happy to have this yoked salesman come help me in my time of need, so I laid on some of Tony’s charm. I got more than a nibble from Jeremy. To my delight, he started flirting right back at me.

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Jan 152017
Zachary Perry covered in cum at Dirty Tony

Max and Timo even cum twice bringing this suck-fest up to 8 gorgeous loads! Dirty Tony says: Zachary Perry is the center of not just my attention today, but for five of my hot studs as well. Sitting just as pretty as you please on my coffee table, Zachary Perry is ready for the ride of a lifetime. The jizz filled boys I have lined up are Eddy Adams (and his monster cock), sexy as fuck Timo Swift, big dicked muscle twink Max Morgan, uncut and super cute Chris, a tall and sexy new comer skater boy, and of course

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Jan 022017
Bradley Rose, Max Morgan and Dominic in flirty threesome fuck at Dirty Tony

huge twink cock slide into his tight virgin hole!….. Dirty Tony says: There is something smoking hot in the kitchen today! Super hot studs Bradley Rose, Max Morgan and their new friend Dominic are cooking up something special at Tony’s. Flirty as fuck Max tempts Dominic to come over and taste exactly what he has to offer. Bradley is never one to be left out of any kind of fun and gets in on a piece of the action. A simple cooking session soon leads to these hot bodies licking food off each other and Max with two cocks in

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Dec 312016
Young pup Mitchell Waters fucks older guy Parker at Dirty Tony

This hot twink knows just how to fuck a hairy bottom stud! Dirty Tony says: Parker is one hairy muscled dude. And Mitchell Waters is a sexy twink with a cock that can’t be satisfied. I thought this might not be a very good matchup, due to the size difference between them. But it turns out this hot twink knows just how to fuck a hairy bottom stud. After a short chat, to get to know each other, the guys start to make out. With tongues plunging deep into throats, I can see that there is more than a little

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Dec 292016
Casting Couch Austin Redding at Dirty Tony

He teases his cock gently at first. Then he grips it like a python trying to escape! Dirty Tony says: Austin Redding has a few gay friends. So this self-professed straight guy isn’t afraid of being propositioned by another guy. He says he’s not into sex with a dude just for fun. But, if the money’s right, anything can be fun. He’s been telling me he has a big cock and I’m very interested to find out what exactly that means. Get this video at Dirty Tony! He starts massaging it through the red nylon shorts and I can already

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Nov 242016
Hot straight boy Jake Breeze jerks 3 huge streams of cum onto his pecs

He bends over briefly to expose his hairy virgin man hole! Dirty Tony says: Jake Breeze is sitting on my couch today and he seems to be as calm as ever. Especially for a first timer. Jake is your typical tattooed southern Californian. He’s tan from spending his days in the sun and his muscular tone shows his aptitude for outdoor activities. Right away he tells about how having a 3 way is one of his fantasies. Get this video at Dirty Tony! He shares how he had sex in his truck while pulled over on the side of the

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Nov 132016
Casting couch Eddy Adams first time jerk off at Dirty Tony

9×8 inch uncut cock prowling in his jeans!….. Dirty Tony says: Nature lover Eddy Adams is truly something special. This handsome young man came all the way from the Rockies to take a spin on my famous casting couch. Eddy is an outdoor (and in the bedroom) adventure seeker, an accomplished rock climber, loves to have sex in public and loves to show off his rocking body. He has rugged good looks, a strong Roman nose, a six pack you could do laundry on, and an infectious smile. Get this video at Dirty Tony! He also has one more HUGE

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Oct 312016
Eddy Adams thrust his huge cock in Jeremy Stevens tight hole

A good job fitting that monster cock into his throat! Dirty Tony says: There is no greater sight than when two hard bodies collide. Unless, of course, if one of those hard bodies has an enormous cock! Eddy Adams and Jeremy Stevens have just had the pleasure of making each other’s acquaintance and both are entirely impressed with the fine specimen of man meat in front of them. Eddy is an avid rock climber with a less than traditional work out regimen that keeps him a cut above the rest. Get this video at Dirty Tony! Jeremy is no slouch

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Oct 152016
Blake Bjorn fucked by Francisco

Francisco’s black pubic hair tickles Blakes ass cheeks as he pounds him deeply! Dirty Tony says: Blake Bjorn and Francisco are sitting in my bedroom, waiting to go hit the town for the night. Since they have a little time to kill, they decide to play a little game Blake learned with his college buddies. Get Blake Bjorn fucked by Francisco video at Dirty Tony! Needless to say, it involves cards and taking clothes off. Before long, Francisco’s stiff uncut dick is sliding down Blake’s ready throat. Blake is an expert cock sucker, taking the brown meat all the way

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Oct 132016
Tattooed hunks Jeremy Stevens and George Glass fuck frenzy

George crouches over Jeremy’s crotch and slides the giant pink member into his hole! Dirty Tony says: Tattooed hunks Jeremy Stevens and George Glassare sitting next to each other on my bed, discussing their tattoos. Jeremy is admiring the colorful sleeve that covers George’s thick left bicep. He grips George’s arm, excitedly. Get tattooed hunks Jeremy Stevens and George Glass video at Dirty Tony!   Now George starts exploring all the ink Jeremy has. As he gets to a special one just below Jeremy’s navel, he begins to kiss gently, massaging the mass in the jeans nearby. He nuzzles Jeremy’s

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Oct 122016
Zachary Perry a bottom and that just loves to get fucked

Perfect amount of definition and his abs ripple down to a perfect pube patch!….. Dirty Tony says: Today I get aquainted with Zachary Perry on my couch and I ask him what kinds of things make him horny. He likes jock type guys, muscles, and smiles. He also shares a secret fetish of his. Zachary is totally into leather but hasn’t had an opportunity for it to happen yet! Hmm, maybe I can help him out in the future! Zachary has some amazing stories and is pretty talkative, which I like. Get this video at Dirty Tony! He tells his

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Sep 292016
Charlie Stone Gets Dirty at Dirty Tony

Sucked off a guy during a 3-way with his girlfriend!….. Dirty Tony says: Charlie Stone is the son of an 80s porn star and he’s here to follow in his father’s footsteps. Dad did straight porn. But Dirty Tony has different plans for this apple not falling far from the proverbial tree. Charlie’s got a very innocent boyish face. But his sexual pedigree tells a different story, and so does the massive, colorful tattoo on his chest. He’s been in orgies, gotten finger fucked, and even sucked off a guy during a 3-way with his girlfriend. After discovering that his

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Sep 102016
Casting couch - Surfer dude Wayne Cadwell

Smooth muscle surfer twink stripped of his boardshorts! Dirty Tony says: Wayne Cadwell is your typical blonde surfer from the beaches of San Diego. As I strolled down the boardwalk one day, I noticed this smooth, muscle twink doing the “towel trick”; changing from his wetsuit into his boardshorts. Get Wayne Cadwell video at Dirty Tony! I stopped dead in my tracks and tried to be inconspicuous. But Wayne busted me trying to catch a glimpse of his junk. When he walked up to me, I thought he was going to tell me to “take a picture, it lasts longer”.

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Sep 102016
Sexy ripped studs Timo Swift tags Trent Atkins

Hot ass eating, 69ing, and down and dirty fucking!….. Dirty Tony says: Timo Swift and Trent Atkins are two super sexy ripped studs, that just couldn’t wait to meet. Both are athletes, both have big blue eyes and are stunning to look at, but I’m not quite sure which one of them has the bigger libido. Get Timo Swift fucks Trent Atkins video at Dirty Tony! Timo is a new comer to the wonderful world of gay sex, but Trent however, knows all the tricks. To kill some time, the boys play a little verbiage game to test Timo’s knowledge

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Sep 042016
Nick Capra and Shay Michaels

Shay’s hard cock bounces against his furry abs as Nick fucks him hard!….. Dirty Tony says: As Nick Capra jams his cock deeper into his muscle-bear buddy, Shay Michaels’ hard cock bounces against his furry abs. While Shay’s legs are up in the air, Nick enjoys the opportunity to suck on Shay’s foot, biting and licking as he continues to pound away. See Nick Capra and Shay Michaels fucking here!

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Sep 022016
Cameron Jacobs is a spunky young guy with an oral fixation

Cameron loves getting dirty, and today is no exception! Dirty Tony says: Cameron Jacobs is a spunky young guy with an oral fixation. He loves getting dirty, and today is no exception. When I first met Cameron, he was bragging that he could fit his whole fist into his mouth. Watch Cameron Jacobs dirty spunky video now! Once I heard that, I knew I wanted this kid on my casting couch. With his slim build, slight musculature, and natural body hair, Cameron is just the type I like to give my oral exams.

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Aug 232016
Sexy tattooed latino Joey Rico

Joey’s thick black bush pops out above his stiff cock!….. Dirty Tony says: Joey Rico is a sexy tattooed latino from San Diego. He was the kind of guy who was popular with the girls in high school. But he’s been popular with the guys since he got out. Although he’s mostly a straight guy, this lean muscular latin drink-of-water is horny and ready to make some gay porn. He’s been told that he looks “bootylicious”.

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Aug 162016
Ass muscles clenching and abs drawn taut Ryan Lynch fucks Anthony Rex

He can’t stop jerking his own dick as he grinds Ryan’s hips!….. Dirty Tony says: Ryan Lynch and Anthony Rex are young, horny, and full of cum! Ryan is a sharp young man with a quick sense of humor and a huge libido to match the size of his monster cock. Stunning to look at, but very laid back; Anthony is tall, trim, and always down to fuck. A game of rock-paper-scissors is wagered to see who gets their dick sucked. A speedy loss leaves Ryan with a salty taste in his mouth and an urge to double or nothing.

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Aug 022016
Matthew Kelly

Matthew’s ready to let his cock out of its prison! Dirty Tony says: Matthew Kelly was feeling pretty horny today. He unbuttons his shirt revealing his tan skin, slightly hairy developed pecs, and abs. After a few swipes of his hand over his slacks, he’s ready to let his cock out of its prison. See Matthew Kelly fully exposed here!

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Aug 012016
Liam Santiago and Reid Hartley

Reid undoes Liams pants and pulls out his already hard cock, sliding the foreskin up and down!…… Dirty Tony says: Liam Santiagos favorite pastime is talking about how much he can lift. This giant is twice Reid Hartleys size and he is ready to compare. In fact, Reid is just the right size for Liam to lift for a little exercise. He grabs the smaller Latino in a bridal carry and tosses him up in the air a couple times. All the while, Reid is grinning. Then, with Reid in plank position, Liam bench presses him at least twenty times.

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Jul 132016
Straight naked men Mitchell Waters an expert at cock sucking

Each time he deep throated my throb stick, his asshole puckered! Dirty Tony says: When Mitchell Waters showed up at my hotel room door, I was happy to see that he was cuter than the photos he’d sent me online. He’d said he has always wanted to be a porn star and didn’t mind coming over for a casting couch interview. But, Dirty Tony had more than just a few photos in mind. Straight naked men always go the whole hog. Get this video at Dirty Tony! And, when this sexy twink started batting his eyelashes and checking out my

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Jul 082016
Conner Chesney Fucks Clayton Archer at Dirty Tony

Conner kisses him all the way down to his hardened erection!….. Dirty Tony says: Clayton and Conner get some good chatting in, learning about what they each like to do. It happens to be that they share an interest in motorcycles. The boys get up and decide to get measurements of their bodies and compare with each other. Conner grabs Clayton’s chest and notices he is pretty tensed up from his workout. Conner offers him up a massage to help relieve some of his tension and Clayton happily accepts. Clayton gets worked up pretty fast and tells Conner he wants

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