Mar 102017
Spunk Worthy straight football player Bryson gets a big cock man wank

Straight married Bryson lets out a deep sigh as he shoots a huge cum shot!…… Spunk Worthy says: You might think of this as a flashback shoot since Bryson has already shown up on the site. This one is actually the first time he showed up and how it all started. Bryson, you might remember, heard about doing porn from his buddy, Anthony. He’d always thought about getting nekkid on camera, but never really knew how to make his break. As they say, it’s not what you know, but who you know that matters! Anthony showed him the way in.

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Feb 212017
Spunk Worthy Zach’s happy ending big cock massage

Fingering his ass Zach’s entire body clenched up leading to an explosive orgasm!…… Spunk Worthy says: This week there’s a kinky new twist to the massage video. And, I have to say, that it was pretty much Zach who made it happen. After his solo, we got to talking and it turned out that he’s really into bondage porn and said that he’s always had a fantasy of being tied up and edged… by a woman, of course. I mentioned the happy-ending massage scene and said he could get edged that way. At first, he was dead set against doing

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Feb 142017
20 year old So Cal straight dude Dalton jerks out a huge cum load

Dalton also mentioned that he was a bit of a shooter, even on a normal day!…… Spunk Worthy says: Dalton is a transplant to So Cal from a smaller town on the east coast. We’d been talking for a good handful of months before he made the leap and showed up for his first porn shoot. A deployment got in the way for a while, but good things come to those who wait. During that time away he turned 20 y/o and packed on some beefiness as the guys tend to do when they’re overseas. Over the couple days before

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Feb 092017

Hugh’s whole body clenched up and stream after stream of cum coated his chest!….. Spunk Worthy says: For a guy who normally jerks off 5 times a day, I didn’t quite expect the explosive load Hugh was packing. And he’s a vocal one. As I worked his cock up to an intense finish, Hugh’s whole body clenched up and stream after stream of cum coated his chest. See Hugh fully exposed here!

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Feb 082017

The masseur hadn’t even started before Nevin was pitchin’ a tent from beneath his towel!….. Spunk Worthy says: Furry straight Marine Nevin has never gotten a happy ending massage before, and was extra nervous about his first experience with a guy. Or so he said. By the time the masseur raised his hands to start Nevin was pitchin’ a tent from beneath his towel. Maybe he’s just a tiny bit excited. See Nevin happy ending massage here!

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Feb 072017
Spunk Worthy blowing Laird

Laird stared at his cock as I wrapped my lips around it!…… Spunk Worthy says: Since doing the happy-ending massage video, Laird seems to be broadening his sexual horizons. Not quite 19 year old yet, that might not sound like much since almost everything is a “first” for him, but his curiosity is growing. His girlfriend still doesn’t know he’s doing some porn on the side, or his gay buddy for that matter, but he confided in me that he’d watched some tranny porn recently which seems to be a fascination with a lot of curious str8 guys. Strange as

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Feb 072017
20 year old country boy Wayne jerks his big dick to a massive 3 day load

Wayne complete with cowboy boots strips naked and wanks his huge dick!…… Spunk Worthy says: Get your giddy-up ready. Wayne is a 20 year old country boy I’d been talking with for at least the past couple months before the stars aligned and he made it in for his first porn shoot. I’m not sure if it was nerves that were holding him back or genuine “busy-ness.” Regardless, I was glad he finally made the leap. He showed up complete with cowboy boots, a shiny belt buckle, and some tight-fitting jeans that showed off a big bulge in his crotch.

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Jan 262017
Davis’ cock sprang to full mast as soon as his shorts came off

Davis’ got a nice thick one too!…… Spunk Worthy says: How could a guy like Davis not catch your eye? He certainly caught mine when I was out at one of the local malls. Feeling bold that day, I walked up and gave him the “How’d ya like to do porn?” line. The obvious part is that he said yes. But, it turned out, Davis isn’t new to the cameras. He’d done a solo shoot once before. “I like doing it. It’s fun; it’s different,” he said nonchalantly. It was 8 in the morning on a Saturday Davis’ idea when

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Jan 242017
Spunk Worthy Anthony’s big cock massage

I coated Anthony’s cock in massage oil and found the right pace for stroking him!…… Spunk Worthy says: Anthony did his solo way back in early-2016 and it took almost 7 months before he finally decided to take up the offer for a happy-ending massage. (For those of you following along, this was shot before the scene with his buddy, Bryson.) For Anthony, it was more of a mental leap than anything. He’d never gotten a massage before, but more important, he’d never crossed the line to do anything with another guy. After enough time passed for him to think

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Jan 122017
Cliff blowjob he tells me to slow down or he would cum too quickly

Cliff held off for about a day from his normal 3-a-day jerk-off schedule in anticipation!…… Spunk Worthy says: It took Cliff about 5 years to come back and get a happy-ending massage last time. And I think even he was wondering why he waited so long to try his first time doing anything with a guy. If you saw that shoot, you’ll remember that he ended up cumming twice, back-to-back. The second time was helped along with about a minute of getting his dick sucked which pushed him right over the edge. When I asked him about coming back for

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Jan 112017

Nevin pounded his cock and fucked his fist! Spunk Worthy says: Hairy young stud Nevin’s cock was rock hard from start to finish; a budding exhibitionist. So, after picking out some fairly specific, and fairly rough, porn, Nevin pounded his cock and fucked his fist until cum splattered all over the side of the couch. See Nevin fully exposed here!

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Jan 102017
Spunk Worthy Laird’s big cock massage ends in a huge cum explosion

Laird’s never gotten a happy-ending massage before!…… Spunk Worthy says: It’s probably not much of a surprise to hear that Laird’s never gotten a happy-ending massage before. He’s just recently turned 19, so there’s plenty he has yet to experience. After his last shoot he’d asked about what else he could do on camera. I suggested a massage scene. He wasn’t too sure about it at first, but money got a little tight and it seemed like an easy enough way to make some quick cash. “I mean, I just have to lay down,” he laughed. I wasn’t too sure

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Jan 092017
Sexy hairy chested Nash loves getting his asshole rimmed

Hairy chested hunk Nash gets a deep blowjob!…. Spunk Worthy says: There are lots of things to like about Nash. One of them is that he is always horny. The day he showed up for this shoot was no different– I swear, he was already pitching a tent in his shorts when he walked through the door, so I wasted no time getting to work. Nash wasted no time telling me how he wanted things done, either. “Right here,” he said, pointing to his nipple. “Play with them.” (That should be an answer to those of you who’ve emailed in

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Jan 062017
Redhead Andy

Redheaded Andy jerks his curved cock a shows off his ginger pubes!…… Spunk Worthy says: Andy is a 21 year old straight ex marine from San Diego. Andy is ginger haired from head to toe (and every crevice between as youll see). Hes gotten used to his military buddies teasing him fire crotch, day-walker. Hes heard it all, but had never before heard that its a major turn-on for a certain crowd. When he peeled his clothes off, Andys cock was already standing at half mast. Andys cock has a slight curve and the harder it got, the more pronounced

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Jan 032017
Spunkworthy Anthony and Bryson: jack off buddies

Anthony grabbed the lube and reached over to start stroking off Bryson!…… Spunk Worthy says: Those of you who enjoy the “progression” series, seeing a straight guy go from a solo to the more interactive scenes might go a little bonkers with this one. But I like to bring something special every year for the Christmas update, so I’m breaking the rules a bit. This is actually a scene that would normally come out later since it’s Anthony’s 3rd shoot, and Bryson’s 2nd one. You’ll be seeing both their other videos soon, though, so bear with the flash-forward this week.

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Dec 282016
Straight hairy chested hunk Freddy jerks out a huge cum load emptying his balls

Ex military guy Freddy wanks himself to a massive cum explosion!…… Spunk Worthy says: Freddy had been thinking about making the leap into porn for a while. After his stint in the military, he figured the time was right to give it a go. And when he got in touch, you can bet I was ready, too. Typical of a lot of former military guys, he wanted to grow out all his hair, beard and head alike. Thankfully, he kept the razor at bay on the rest of his fuzzy body. After our first contact, it took a day or

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Dec 272016
Spunk Worthy Dominic’s happy ending massage

A finger up his ass was just the trigger to make Dominic’s cock spring to attention!…… Spunk Worthy says: Dominic was no stranger to happy-ending massages. He’d gotten a few in recent years, forking over a couple hundred bucks a pop. Those, of course, were all from women. So when he asked about doing another shoot and I dropped the idea of getting one from a guy (me), he thought about it for a day or two and decided to give it a shot. “The tables are turned this time,” he said with a hint of irony. Not only was

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Dec 252016
Spunk Worthy’s Landon gets a surprise handjob he’s overcome with cum

Even with a GF, Landon still finds time to rub a couple out every day!…… Spunk Worthy says: Landon is a 22 year old southern boy who a buddy introduced to me. He (Landon) recently got out of the military and wanted to dabble in porn to make some cash before looking for a “real” job. Landon is a pocket-sized guy, standing at 5′ 7″, with a a larger-than-life personality and a tight bod that came from years of wrestling in high school. It was interesting to hear that he was actually a little nervous about his first time doing

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Dec 252016
Straight football jock Chewy jerks his huge dick to a massive spurt of cum

Chewy’s jizz flew big time shooting over his shoulder!…… Spunk Worthy says: Oh, boy, was Chewy ever nervous about this shoot. If you’ve been following his previous scenes, you know he had just discovered that he really liked showing off his bod in front of the cameras, but wasn’t too sure about taking the next step. When I assured him that he just had to lay on the massage table, close his eyes and fantasize about whatever he wanted, he decided to give it a shot. Chewy had never done anything with a guy before. “Not even close,” he said

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Dec 202016
Spunkworthy Drew’s massage

Drew screams I’m gonna fucking cum… here it comes!…… Spunk Worthy says: Drew’s only experiences with happy ending massages were limited to basically foreplay. Not that he hadn’t hoped for more when he’d gone in for a “regular” massage in the past; it just didn’t seem to be in the cards. When I told him he could get one here, and make some money doing it, he gave it some thought and decided to take the leap. He’d never done anything with a guy before, so I asked how he was feeling about it. “I’m just going with the flow,”

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Dec 152016

Perry used his signature reverse-handed stroking style!…… Spunk Worthy says: Perry hit a little financial rough patch when he got a speeding ticket. On top of that, his GF had gone out of town for a few days so he was more than ready to bust a nut. I was glad to tell him that I could help him out with both problems. I set Perry up in the bedroom with some porn and lube and let him go at it. He mustve been extra horny ‘cos his cock was hard in about 20 seconds flat. I always like seeing

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Dec 142016
Seth O’Malley

Redhead Seth jerks out a huge cumshot getting cum on his ginger pubes!…… Spunk Worthy says: I met Seth OMalley as he was walking out of one of the local gyms. Turned out that hes a personal trainer there, and he certainly caught my eye. It was hard to miss him, standing at 6′ 2″ with a toned bod and topped with gingery red hair. When I gave him my standard “Howd ya like to do porn” line, he perked up suddenly. He was skeptical at first, but said its something hed been thinking about for a while, so decided

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Dec 132016
21 year old Price jerks his thick dick to a huge cum explosion

Price says they usually comment on my dick they like how thick it is!…… Spunk Worthy says: 21 year old Price is a proud Midwestern boy who loves to hunt, fish, and all those good things. He managed to find his way out to San Diego for “work.” If the haircut doesn’t give away what line of work he’s in, I’ll let you think about it for a sec. Price had always thought about doing porn, and one random night decided to start poking around online to see if he could find a way to do it. Him, along with

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Dec 012016
Big black married muscle dude AJ jerks his huge dick to a massive cumshot

AJ pulls on his big 9 inch cock!…… Spunk Worthy says: AJ was looking for a way to make some extra cash when he came across the site and thought he’d give porn a shot. It’s not something he’d seriously considered doing before, but it sounded like an idea that had been in the back of his head since he started watching porn at a pretty young age. AJ is 20 y/o, a former football and track athlete, and found his way out to San Diego courtesy of the military. When we got to talking about his jerk off habits,

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Nov 262016
Straight man Landon big thick cock servicing

I pushed back Landon’s legs and buried my tongue between his ass cheeks!…… Spunk Worthy says: I’d been wondering if Landon was going to get in touch again when, out of nowhere, I got a text asking if he could do a BJ video. Duh! Landon may have been more excited about it than me. He walked in with a boner pitching a tent beneath his shorts, and he was fidgeting and playing with his cock the whole time the cameras were getting set up. This boy was ready. Last time, for his massage scene, Landon got a little sample

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Nov 252016
Spunkworthy blowing Thad

Getting a happy-ending hand job was one thing Thad expected but also a man on man blowjob!…… Spunk Worthy says: It took a few weeks, but Thad’s back to get sucked off by a guy for the first time. Although he didn’t come right out and say it, I had a feeling that since his roommates all knew he’d been getting into porn that they might start asking for more of the details about what he was doing on camera. Getting a happy-ending hand job was one thing, but a blowjob, Thad had said with a laugh, “That’s more of

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