Sep 112017
Sexy young Asian dude Sam Sivahn strips out of his speedos and jerks out a load of hot boy cum

Sam Sivahn’s horny slow strip show in the bathroom!….. Bentley Race says: And next up is my recent shoot in the bathroom with the very beautiful Sam Sivahn. I discovered this Indonesian hottie last summer when he came along with his mate to watch a shoot. I have a little bit of a crush on Sam. He looks great in the photos and he’s a really sweet guy. In the short time he has been doing naked modelling he has already been in a load of shoots, both solo and with me and our mates. In today’s shoot he is

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Sep 112017
Cute Asian twink mate Ryan Kai wearing just a jockstrap jerks his huge cock to a massive orgasm

Ryan Kai’s big dick is already growing hard and showing signs of precum as I get him to let it out of the jock!…… Bentley Race says: Let’s start with our cute Asian twink mate Ryan Kai. Since doing his first shoot 2 years ago at the age of 21, Ryan has done a load of shoots. Mostly solo scenes since he is one of our straight mates. But lately he’s been enjoying getting wanked off in his videos. In today’s shoot Ryan is posed in a uniform for this hot after-school shoot. Beneath his shorts Ryan is wearing just

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Aug 282017
Rimming Justin Evans’ hot sexy asshole

Justin Evans’s perky little bottom getting some nice tongue fucking action!…… Bentley Race says: I am catching up on some of the hot shoots I did with some of my mates in Europe earlier this year. I just found the shoot I did with my cute mate Justin Evans in Berlin. I spent a couple of days with Justin taking loads of photos and making some hot videos. Today’s shoot ends the series of shoots in the Berlin studio. Justin is looking super hot as he shows off his bottom and hard cock while bending over the chair. I was

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Aug 212017
Bentley Race gay porn site 4 star review

Bentley Race gets a 4 star rating Expect plenty of sexy young dudes in their jocks, football socks and sneakers! Bentley Race started life as a single guy Ben, posting photos of himself and his mates online. This was in 1999 and over the years the site Bentley Race was born as Australia’s premiere gay amateur website. The focus here is on young sporty studs in jockstraps and football socks. There is definitely a slight socks and jocks fetish feel here. Ben finds unknown hot young Australian, European and American guys from 18 years to late 20’s appearing solo or

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Aug 212017
21 year old Marti Trifon puts on a hot strip show before jerking out a huge cum load

Gorgeous hunky muscle boy Marti Trifon jerks his huge cock firing a load of muscle cum!…… Bentley Race says: When I first saw a photo of 21 year old Marti Trifon, I knew I wanted to meet with his hunky muscle boy. He was introduced to me by one of my other mates in Germany. Marti moved from eastern Europe to Berlin a few years ago. He told me that he’s not in peak shape at the moment while he takes a break from his body building in winter. I kinda expected that he might have a bit of an

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Aug 142017
Hot young tattooed studs Luc Dean and Sam Sivahn strip each other naked then fuck

Sam Sivahn is about to get fucked really hard by his new mate Luc Dean!…… Bentley Race says: One of the hottest pair ups on Bentley Race this year is going to be the partnering of my hot mates Luc Dean and Sam Sivahn. I never know how the guys are going to get along when I put them together for the first time. Both Luc and Sam are really sweet guys and I knew they would have fun doing this. So we all met up in the studio for a photoshoot and video session. The guys were having fun

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Jul 312017
After stripping and flexing David Sweet lays naked on the bed playing with his stiff cock jerking away

Big muscle boy David Sweet wanks out a huge load of muscle cum!…… Bentley Race says: During my travels I have met some really beautiful men from all around the world. Some of these guys have become good mates and I see them every time I am back in their city. One of the nicest guys I have met on my travels in Europe is porn star David Sweet. You might remember him from some of the hot scenes I shot him in solo and with his mates in Hungary. David is very handsome and has really bulked up a

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Jul 242017
25 year old Aussie Tomas Kyle strips and jerks his huge cock to a massive cumshot

Sexy young nude dude Tomas Kyle strips off his soccer gear!…… Bentley Race says: I want to introduce you to my hot new mate Tomas Kyle. The 25 year old Aussie came to visit me last month from South Australia. Tomas is mates with one of our other favourite mates, Luc Dean. It was Luc who encouraged Tomas to get in touch with me and ask about doing a shoot. Well I’m glad he did because I love working with red head guys. And this pale lanky boy didn’t disappoint. We had lots of fun getting photos during this soccer

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Jun 192017
Very hot American porn star Seth Knight poses and jerks his big dick

Seth Knight loves showing off in the windows stark bollock naked as the workers in the building next look on!…… Bentley Race says: I want you to meet my new mate, and American porn star Seth Knight. I have been a fan of Seth’s work in porn for a long time. So you can imagine how excited I was when he agreed to come and model for me during my recent visit to New York. It turns out that he’s even more beautiful in real life! Seth brought a mate along to help out on the shoot. It was great

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Jun 052017
Naked young dudes Valentin Defarge and Caleb Knight ass fucking in every position possible

Bentley Race Valentin Defarge wants to ride Caleb Knight’s fat cock!….. Bentley Race says: I finally got together my horny mates Valentin Defarge and Caleb Knight for this shoot during the last days of summer in Australia. It was still hot outside so we headed out to my rooftop while these guys got acqainted. There’s loads of teasing and kissing between Val and Caleb as they strip each other naked on the roof. I got loads of great shots, and then the guys ended the shoot with a super soaker naked water fight on the roof. And now that they

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May 292017
Sexy young Hungarian dude Jeffry Branson strips naked and jerks his big uncut European dick

Today Jeffry Branson is showing off that big boner again!…… Bentley Race says: Even though we live at different sides of the planet, Jeffry Branson from Hungary has become a good mate and a regular model here at Bentley Race. I caught up with him again on my mid-winter vacation in Budapest. I first spotted Jeffry in a porn scene for one of the big American studios. I was really excited when he agreed to come and model for me. Jeffry is very beautiful and a really sweet guy. He is straight in his personal life, but you will see

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May 222017
Sexy young boy 20 year old Mick Petrov filmed jacking his fat cock

Gorgeous chunky muscle dude Mick Petrov wanks out a full jizz load!…… Bentley Race says: So far this year I have already filmed with loads of new guys as well as met up with some of my old mates from around the world. One of the sexy men I met last year in Europe was 20 year Bulgarian Mick Petrov. During my recent visit to Berlin I caught up with Micky again. He is looking super fit and is always happy to model for me. I got him around to my hotel room for this quick mid-winter shoot. Micky always

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May 152017
Sexy muscle daddy Romain Deville and Luc Dean hardcore anal fuck

The guys Luc Dean and Romain Deville made out and stripped each other naked on the roof!…… Bentley Race says: I have shot some really hot scenes over this Australian summer, and I didn’t even have to think about hooking up my mates Romain Deville and Luc Dean. I knew for a long time that I wanted to get these guys together. So as soon as Romain returned from Sydney I got the guys together on this hot day out on my roof. The guys were all over each other as we climbed the stairs to the top of my

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May 082017
20 year old Michael Prado strips naked and jerks his huge uncut dick

Hot straight dude Michael Prado enjoys being naked and wanking out a huge cum load!…… Bentley Race says: I’m catching up on posting all the great guys I met during my trip to Europe and the US earlier this year. I met 20 year old Michael Prado during my short stay in New York. I thought he looked cute in the photos he had emailed me two weeks earlier. Michael had never done anything like this before and wanted to try it out. Being a straight guy he was a bit nervous about getting naked and getting off in front

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May 012017
Polish gay porn star Oscar Wood jerks his very big fat cock

Oscar Wood has very nice blond hairy legs which extends right up and over his bum cheeks!….. Bentley Race says: I finally got to meet up with Polish porn star Oscar Wood during my recent visit to Berlin. I had been talking to this guy for a long time after one of our mutual mates suggested we get together. I had already seen some of Oscar’s hot sex videos and couldn’t wait to get him in front of the camera. As well as being very polite and handsome, Oscar has got a very big fat dick. Which of cause brings

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Apr 242017
Mates Sam Sivahn and Jesse Carter strip each other naked and get wet on the roof

Sam Sivahn gets raw fucked by Jesse Carter huge bareback dick!…… Bentley Race says: I have been shooting loads of outdoor stuff with my mates here in Melbourne. These guys get really turned on when they are getting naked out on my roof. Sam Sivahn and Jesse Carter, the horny mates from down south are back this week having some fun in their footy gear on the roof. Sam kept joking about how tight his shorts were. Even Jesse couldn’t get his hands in there. Well it didn’t matter much because they were getting naked pretty quickly. After giving each

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Apr 032017
Aussie boy Luc Dean with our French mate Val Defarge hardcore anal fuck

Luc Dean and Val Defarge head back to the studio where the sexy guys strip off and fucking!…… Bentley Race says: One of the most fun shoots so far this summer is the match up of Aussie boy Luc Dean with our French mate Val Defarge. The guys had already been planning what they were going to do in this shoot well before the day we all met up. What they didn’t know was that the shoot was going to start out on my rooftop. They were so excited when we all met up and headed out to the roof.

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Mar 202017
Young 19 year old Polish dude Justin Evans strips naked and jerks his huge uncut dick

Justin Evans wanks out a huge jizz orgasm!….. Bentley Race says: I was really happy to see my mate Justin Evans during my recent visit to Germany. Just had a long break away from modelling last year after a very serious accident. I’m really happy to see him recovered and getting fit again. We hung out together for a few days in Berlin doing lots of shopping, eating and shooting. Here is Justin showing off back at my hotel room. Even though it was a fairly dark day in the city, the photos and his jack off video came out

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Mar 062017
Sexy Australian young dude James Nowak strips off his sports kit and jerks out a huge jizz orgasm

Working out with sexy straight mate James Nowak as he wanks his huge cock to a massive cumshot!…… Bentley Race says: I’m really excited to report that my hot straight mate James Nowak is back getting naked on camera again. The sexy 26 year old Aussie took a long break last year to nurse a gym injury. He was worried that he wasn’t look fit enough for this shoot. I told him that he’s looking as hot as ever! For his return shoot last month I was getting James to play around with some light weights so I could see

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Feb 272017
19 year old Russian Kell Fuller wanks his big boy cock to a massive jizz orgasm

Kell Fuller strips down to his sexy undies and football socks!…… Bentley Race says: I just got back from my vacation in Europe where I got to meet loads of cute and sexy men. One of the guys that really made my visit there fun is 19 year old Russian Kell Fuller. Our travel schedules through Berlin was very tight, so we ended up doing this shoot at night in my apartment. I wasn’t sure what Kell was going to be like. But it turned that he’s a really sweet guy, and a lot of fun to make a nude

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Feb 202017
Sarpa Van Rider strips off his sexy g-string and wanks his huge thick dick

Sarpa Van Rider shows off his sex bubble butt ass in a black g-string as he jerks out a huge cum load!….. Bentley Race says: We are having some of the hottest days of summer here in Australia right now. I have been spending a lot of time getting my sexy mates naked up on the roof of my building. This week I’m excited to be having Sarpa Van Rider back after a year’s break from shooting. I’m really happy to see him back. He’s looking super fit! After kicking the footy around on the roof, Sarpa started stripping down,

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Feb 202017
Sexy young nude dudes Jesse Carter and Sam Sivahn hardcore ass fucking

Sam Sivahn raw fucking his horny mate Jesse Carter!…… Bentley Race says: I just loaded this very hot scene between Melbourne mates Jesse Carter and Sam Sivahn. After I met the guys for their first solo shoots a few weeks ago, I suggested the guys do a scene together. And I’m really glad they agreed to it, because this turned in to one very hot afternoon of kissing and fucking in the studio. These guys are really affectionate with lots of kissing as we begin the shoot out in the public hallway. As Sam starts sucking on Jesse’s cock I

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Feb 082017
Sarpa Van Rider and Marco Pirelli

Marcos fat cock was popping out of his jock strap!…… Bentley Race says: Sarpa Van Rider and muscled stud Italian mate Marco Pirelli strip slowly. Marcos fat cock was popping out of his jock strap as Sarpa kept pulling at it. Sarpa was very happy to get Marcos big dick deep in his ass. After much cock sucking on Marcos big dick Sarpa gets his asshole lubed up ready for Marcos thick cock. Sarpa rode Marcos cock in many different sexual positions. Before Marco finally pulls out and squirts his huge load of muscle cum all over Sarpas chest. See

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Feb 062017
David Hanson

21 year old David strips to his jockstrap and jerks his big uncut dick!…… Bentley Race says: 21 year old David Hanson already has some porn modelling experience in Europe, so it didnt take much for Zac to talk him in to going back to his hotel room in Munich for this shoot. The boys were so flirty with each other during the shoot while David stripped down to a sexy jockstrap. Wait till you see Davids beautiful uncut dick. I love those upward standing banana shaped cocks. The boys had lots of fun during the photo and video scene.

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Feb 042017
Young Czech boy Tom Bartos stripped sucked and fucked

Who can resist a chunky blond muscle boy!…… Bentley Race says: I get to meet some amazing guys whenever I go travelling. Last month in Munich I got to meet up with 22 year old Tom Bartos from Prague. I had been chatting with Tom online for a while before we arrived in Germany. He changed this plans around to come to Munich early to meet me. I quickly spotted him in the lobby of my hotel and whisked him quickly back to my room. The first thing I noticed about Tom was his good looks. And the next was

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Jan 302017
French dude Val fucks the pizza delivery boy Reece Anderson

Reece Anderson’s bubble butt ass hole fucked hard by Val!…… Bentley Race says: One of the most fun and hot shoots so far this summer happened when I hooked up my French mate Val with Aussie boy Reece Anderson. These guys were all over each other from the very start of the shoot. We started out doing some cheeky shots in the public stairwell before heading back to the studio to film the boys getting naked and fucking. We had a little fun with shoot by having Reece start out as the pizza delivery boy. Well Val had no interest

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