Sep 272017
Ripped black muscle dude Peter Conner’s big dick fucking Mikel Duke’s smooth white asshole

Peter Conner thrusts his raw, monster cock deep within Mikel Duke’s hungry ass!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Peter Conner is out having a drink when he spots Mikel Duke across the bar. Peter has seen Mikel here before and has lusted for him ever since that first spotting. Tonight, Peter invites Mikel over and the fusion of rich, deep, dark chocolate and creamy milk chocolate begins. The passionate kissing has both men’s cocks busting to be free and Peter releases Mikel’s cock from his underwear into his awaiting mouth. Mikel’s huge, fat cock fills Peter’s mouth with pleasure as he runs

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Sep 202017
Hot muscle ass fucking foursome Robin Sanchez, Abel Pozsar, Adrian Toledo and Brian McNight

Robin Sanchez and Adrian Toledo switch up positions and Abel Pozsar pounds away at his tight ass as Adrian swallows his hard cock!…… Kristen Bjorn says: We rejoin out two hot couples after Robin Sanchez and Abel Pozsar had tracked down Adrian Toledo after finding one of his secret desires in a floating bottle. Robin spits on his hard cock to make it that much juicer for Adrian to suck on as Abel fucks him and as Brian McNight fucks Abel. Abel loves this position fucking and begin fucked at the same time that he kicks it into overdrive and

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Sep 132017
Jay Moore’s raw ass bareback fucked by Hugo Stark’s massive dick

Jay Moore’s smooth muscle ass is wet and hungry fully prepared for Hugo Stark’s big cock!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Hugo Stark got turned on watching Jay Moore’s muscles pumping while working out at the gym, so he invited him back to his place. The guys strip down and Hugo moves in on Jay’s muscular ass perfectly framed by his jock strap. Hugo probes that hot, pink hole with his hungry tongue before Jay spins around and consumes Hugo’s swelling mushroom head. Jay masterfully works his wet lips up and down Hugo’s throbbing cock shaft, forcing it to swell to its

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Sep 092017
While Manuel Skye and Leonardo Lucatto 69 each other Mick Stallone tongue fucks Leonardo furry ass hole

Leonardo Lucatto bareback spit roasting by Manuel Skye and Mick Stallone’s huge raw dicks!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Mick Stallone has told Manuel Skye about this hot new guy that he has been fucking with, Leonardo Lucatto. Manuel invites the guys over to share their new-found friend. The guys begin disrobing and releasing their huge, meaty, uncut cocks. Each cock offering up its own personality and abundance of pleasure. Leonardo is the new guy in the group and wants to make a good impression and does so by devouring Manuel’s hefty cock all the way to the base and balls, while

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Aug 232017
Mario Galeno plunges his massive raw cock deep inside Sergyo’s hot hungry hole

Sergyo explodes his huge load of cum all over his ripped abs followed by Mario Galeno orgasm!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Sergyo’s friends have told him about what a great lover Mario Galeno is, with this inside information, he asked them to make a connection for him. As soon as Sergyo sees Mario’s huge cock he knows that the inside scoop was correct. Sergyo works his way up and down Mario’s fat cock shaft, making sure to spend some extra attention to his fat, mushroom head as his tongue swirls all around it, heightening both men’s sense of pleasure. Mario and

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Jul 262017
Hot naked big muscle men Diego Lauzen slips his cock deep inside of Ivan Gregory’s hot pink ass hole

Ivan Gregory is hungry for Diego Lauzen’s hot big Brazilian cock!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Ivan Gregory and Diego Lauzen are both on tour and are thrilled to find out that they are both in the same beautiful city. Ivan invites Diego over for a drink. They are both familiar with the others show, but now they have the opportunity to go live with each other. Both men are overly impressed with the others muscular attributes and enjoy every sensual touch from the other. Diego unleashes his throbbing beast as Ivan takes it into his hand and strokes the long, meaty

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Jun 282017
Titan Tex rams his massive cock deep and raw inside of Marc Ferrer’s hungry ass

Titan Tex uses his massive dick as a battering ram on Marc Ferrer’s talented ass!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Titan Tex returns home from a night at the clubs with his fuck buddy Marc Ferrer. Titan knows that Marc loves to service his monster cock and tonight he is in the mood for some deep servicing. Marc immediately drops to his knees and with unerring expertise he forces Titan’s massive cock down his throat. Marc works Titan’s huge cock with an unending energy and desire to go deeper as he begins fucking his own throat with Titan’s “chocolate flavor”. Titan moves

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Jun 072017
Andy Star flips Xavi Garcia ramming his hard raw cock deep into his muscled furry ass hole

Andy Star squats down onto Xavi Garcia’s meaty bareback cock!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Xavi Garcia and Andy Star are having a relaxing Sunday afternoon at home when their desires for sex overcome them. Devouring Andy’s hot cock, Xavi loves the sensation of Andy’s smooth cock gliding across his wet tongue and deep into his throat. Xavi works Andy into a frenzy of lust as his cock drips with spit and Xavi is drenched in his own sweat from all his voracious cock sucking. Andy then moves in and shows Xavi that he too is an expert cock sucker and is

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May 312017
Mario Domenech shoves his huge raw cock deep into Sergio Moreno’s furry ass hole

Mario Domenech loves the sensation of this motorcycle stud Sergio Moreno’s bare big cock deep inside of him!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Traversing the city has its challenges, but Mario Domenech knows the right streets to cut through and somedays you just might run into a hot man like Sergio Moreno. Mario notices Sergio getting off of his motorcycle, because every man on a motorcycle is hot, and exchanges that special look with Sergio. Mario joins Sergio at his flat and both men begin working over the other’s nipples and pits. With a quick dose of spit Mario easily glides his

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Apr 262017
Hot big muscle hunks Ivan Gregory, Denis Sokolov and Lucas Fox hardcore ass fucking orgy

Ivan Gregory plunges his fat cock deep into Denis Sokolov’s bare ass as Lucas Fox feeds him his huge cock!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Lucas Fox is at home relaxing when Ivan Gregory wanders in with his new find, Denis Sokolov. Naturally when you have a guest over you strip them down. Being a cordial guest, Denis drops to his knees and begins to service Ivan and Lucas’ mighty cocks with his hungry mouth. Denis works his way from one hot cock to the other before Ivan jumps in and makes is a sucksation of cock sucking. Ivan and Lucas are

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Mar 182017
Diego Lauzen takes control fucking Dani Robles’ ass till he is over the edge

Diego Lauzen flips Dani Robles again and continues to fuck the stress out of him!…… Kristen Bjorn says: The daily stress of work leaves Dani Robles in need of release, so he calls his fuck buddy Diego Lauzen. Diego knows exactly what Dani needs and desires and wastes no time when Dani arrives. Dani knows what Diego is capable of so he takes his frustrations out by forcefully fucking Diego’s hungry and talented mouth. Now it is time for Dani to release his demands of work and let go of all control and become Diego’s sex slave. After obediently sucking

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Mar 082017
Wild Seed Ivan Gregory, Andy Star, Ridder Rivera hadrcore bareback ass fucking orgy

Andy Star spreads his legs wide open as Ridder Rivera slams his fat cock deep inside of his raw ass!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Andy Star is mesmerized that he has struck gold by being the center of attention of muscle gods Ridder Rivera and Ivan Gregory. Dropping to his knees, Andy is met by two monstrous uncut cocks demanding attention. Andy feverishly works his hungry lips from one creamy cock to the richly deep mocha cock. Whether sucking on them individually or having both cocks stuffed in his mouth at the same time, Andy proves he is a hot cock

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Feb 222017
Xavi Garcia lay on his back spreads his legs open as Ivan Gregory plunges his fat cock deep inside of that hot hairy raw hole

Ivan Gregory and Xavi Garcia begin a game of big dick flip fucking!…… Kristen Bjorn says: As Xavi Garcia saunters down the street his confident swag catches the attention of Ivan Gregory. Ivan rises to meet Xavi and the two men immediately have an electrical kiss that thunders through both of their bodies, so much so that Ivan is already sporting a massive erection. Xavi invites Ivan over and as they are stripped of their clothing we see that Ivan has taken the lead of Greek Olympians and sculpted his body to muscular perfection. His smooth muscular body is a

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Feb 152017
Ridder Rivera forces his huge fat cock against Sergyo’s smooth bare ass hole

Ridder Rivera plunges his big dick balls deep into Sergyo’s wet pink hole!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Sergyo and Ridder Rivera have just returned home from a wild night at the clubs and are ready to turn their attentions to each other. As their passions build, the clothes slowly fall away and we are blessed to be able to view the perfection of their magnificently muscular bodies. Ridder drops to his knees and consumes Sergyo’s steely rod deep into his mouth as he begins to send shock waves of pleasure throughout Sergyo’s body. As Sergyo’s balls draw up tight and his

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Feb 092017
Toby Dutch and Tomas Friedel

Toby flips Tomas on his back and penetrates his tight ass hole!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Tomas Friedel and Toby Dutch flip back and forth with their oral pleasures before Toby flips Tomas on his back and penetrates his tight hole. Toby rips off a huge load of cum as Tomas continues his onslaught of hard ass pounding until Tomas showers his thick, creamy load all over Tobys ass before re-inserting his cock and last drops of cum into Toby. See Toby Dutch and Tomas Friedel fucking here! See Toby Dutch and Tomas Friedel fucking here! All the Kristen Bjorn updates

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Feb 082017
Bareback fucking threesome Viktor Rom, Mario Domenech and Hugo Arenas

Viktor Rom is driven wild watching Hugo Arenas being fucked at both ends that he explodes his huge load!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Looking a bit threadbare, Mario Domenech catches the attention of Viktor Rom and Hugo Arenas as he passes by. Intrigued by the sexy man that captured their attention, Viktor and Hugo investigate further. The investigation of this sexy man leads them back to Hugo’s nearby apartment. Once there the clothes start getting stripped away as Viktor and Hugo’s massive cocks are jetting out of the pockets of their jeans. The three bearded men begin kissing each other passionately

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Feb 062017
Denis Vega and Valentino Medici

Denis slams Valentino with such passion and savagery that his hole begs for more!…… Kristen Bjorn says: What do you do when you spot a hot guy on the streets of Madrid, you cruise the hell out of him until he invites you in. Denis Vega does just that after Valentino Medici lets his wants be known. The shirts immediately come off to reveal two equally sculpted muscular bodies. The guys work over each other’s sensitive nipples before engulfing their cocks down each other’s throats. Valentino then positions himself over Denis to give him a face fucking that he won’t

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Feb 012017
Young longboarder Jackson Simonds strips down to his sexy underwear

Sexy young straight skater stripped!…… Fit Young Men stats: Jackson Simonds – Longboarder Age: 24 years old / Height: 5’10” / Chest: 42″ / Waist: 32″ / Weight: 78kg / Straight See Young longboarder Jackson Simonds strips down to his sexy underwear here! See Young longboarder Jackson Simonds strips down to his sexy underwear here! All the Fit Young Men updates right here!

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Jan 252017
Robin Sanchez and Felipe Porto

Robin bangs away at Felipe’s ass until Felipe shoots his hot thick load!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Robin Sanchez runs across an old friend in the part practicing his yoga, Felipe Porto. Robin invites his old friend over and they quickly pick up where they had left off, pleasuring each other. Robin immediately remembers how talented Felipe’s mouth is and begins face fucking him with his straining cock. With a equal hunger to fill, Robin takes Felipe into his moist mouth and throat while Felipe twists his nipples. Robin then flips Felipe onto his throbbing cock as he begins squatting up

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Jan 252017
Kristen Bjorn Wild Seed: Lucas Fox, Gabriel Lunna and Andy Star

Dropping to his knees Andy Star is eager to suck on Gabriel Lunna and Lucas Foxs’ hefty cocks!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Lucas Fox and Gabriel Lunna aren’t very happy that they had to leave the club and escort their friend Andy Star home. Since it is Andy’s fault that they had to leave early they are taking their frustrations out on Andy. Dropping to his knees Andy is eager to suck on Gabriel and Lucas’ hefty cocks. Andy goes back and forth from one hot, hard cock to the other, deep throating both of his buddies. Switching up, Andy feeds

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Jan 212017
Stripped to his sexy underwear young hunk Dan Hutchins shows off his hairy legs

Gorgeous uncut cock bulge!…… Fit Young Men stats: Dan Hutchins – Gym Age: 21 years old / Height: 5’9″ / Chest: 40″ / Waist: 30″ / Weight: 77kg / Straight See young hunk Dan Hutchins showing off his hairy legs here! See young hunk Dan Hutchins showing off his hairy legs here! All the Fit Young Men updates right here!

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Jan 212017
Sex Men: Black And White Logan Moore and Titan Tex hardcore bareback ass fucking

Thrusting his ass down hard Logan Moore ride Titan Tex’s thick cock with a rhythmic pace!…… Kristen Bjorn says: While out enjoying some tasty tapas, Logan Moore notices a very swarthy gentleman that catches his eye, Titan Tex. Logan follows him out of the restaurant and back to his flat. As the men begin to strip away their clothing we see the bountiful jock straps restraining their prolific cocks. Titan frees Logan’s meaty cock and wraps his luscious lips around it and begins to deliver a level of pleasure reserved for the righteous few. Logan drops to his knees and

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Jan 152017
Hot naked twinks Rhys Jagger and Vadim Farrell bareback ass fucking

Sexy young European boys huge uncut cocks bareback fucking – awesome!….. Belami says: If you wake up in the morning and you find Rhys Jagger in his underwear, in your kitchen, getting you a cup of tea, do you think: should I have breakfast first and then take off his underwear or should I rather take them off now and have him for breakfast? Which do you think was Vadim Farrell’s choice? See hot naked twinks Rhys Jagger and Vadim Farrell bareback ass fucking here!   See hot naked twinks Rhys Jagger and Vadim Farrell bareback ass fucking here!  

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Jan 142017
Sergyo plunges his bare cock into Ely Chaim’s hairy ass

Sergyo drops down and takes Ely Chaim’s long, luscious, uncut cock deep into his mouth!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Ely Chaim and Sergyo are attempting to get ready for work, but are have a hard time at it. Both are horny as fuck and can’t contain their raging hard-ons in their underwear. So, they figure they will stroke each other off, but the desire for more is mounting. Sergyo drops down and takes Ely’s long, luscious, uncut cock deep into his mouth and worships the full length of it. Ely has Sergyo stand on the chair as he engulfs the up-turned

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Jan 102017
Hardcore spit roasting Alex Brando, Arnau Vila, Hugo Arias ass fucking

Alex Brando rams his raw cock deep inside of Arnau Vila’s ass as Hugo Arias feeds his huge cock down his throat!…… Kristen Bjorn says: High upon the rooftop overlooking the vista of the city 3 men, Alex Brando, Arnau Vila and Hugo Arias meet up for a scenic fuck. As their cocks are liberated from their confines Arnau takes the succulent cocks deep into his mouth to bring him and his friend’s great pleasure. Arnau goes back and forth from one cock to the other until Alex and Hugo decide to feed him both of their cocks at the

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Dec 312016
Viktor Rom takes Gabriel Lunna’s cum slicked cock into his mouth savouring his partners wild seed

Gabriel Lunna’s ass dripping wet Viktor Rom slowly pierces his ass hole!…… Kristen Bjorn says: Viktor Rom and Gabriel Lunna have met up in the past and demanded a chance to go at each other once again. With familiarity comes the knowledge of what and how your partner likes and gives you the ability to push boundaries. Viktor starts out by worshiping Gabriel’s rock solid cock as it appears that his cock continues to grow harder and longer with Viktor’s lips being stretched further and further. Gabriel switches up with Viktor, knowing that his balls have drawn up high and

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