Czech Hunter 512

CzechHunter says: I was on my way to a nearby park, where I wanted to begin the hunt.

When I was only minutes away, I met this cute guy. He wanted to buy cigarettes and I disturbed him.

He probably wasn’t a heavy smoker because he didn’t mind me bothering him.

We had a little chat during which he told me a lot about himself.

The dude didn’t finish school and worked as a conductor.

That was good, it’s not exactly a well-paid job.

He was kinda nervous about the camera and the whole interview.

I think he figured out that something weird was going on.

It was time to use a few tricks.

I tried to pretend being a modeling agent and successfully managed to convince him to undress a little.

The guy definitely knew how to drive a hard bargain.

I didn’t want to lose this cutie so I basically paid him what he asked for. It was worth it.



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Sexy Men in Gay Porn
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