Anal malpractice with Ty Roderick and Edin Sol and Evan Mercy

Hothouse says: Continuing on from last weeks first episode of the macho version of College Boy Physicals we see Nurse Evan Mercy mentoring his new intern Edin Sol. In Dr. Flynn’s examination room, Edin asks what the trophy cabinet is for. Evan explains that these are some of the many items that they have removed from patient’s assholes over the years. A jar of pickles (still in date), a sweet potato (not recomended for stews) and a handful of metal but plugs.

Confusing Edin a bit, Evan decides wot demonstrate a few of the impliments on his sexy intern. Evan pushes Edin onto the examination couch, strips off his scrubs and goes to work. As he pulls down his pants Edin’s already rock hard dick flops into view. Explaining all the way Nurse Evan lubes up Edin’s tight pink butt hole. He first checks Edin’s throat with a huge double ended metal butt plug, then slides the bulbous metal end through Edin’s tight lubed hole.

Unexpectedly Dr. Flynn (Ty Roderick) enters the room, puts on his latex gloves and takes over probing Edin’s ass with the cold metal tool, whilst Evan removes the rest of Edin’s clothes. Sexy hunk Dr Flynn play sucks Edin’s cock and three fingers his hole whilst Nurse Evan climbs on top and shoves his big cock down Edin’s throat, pressing it deep inside. Ripping his gloves off tattoed stud Dr Flynn whips his cock out and pumps it into Edin’s ass.

Later Dr Flynn gets a huge dildo and double fucks Edin alongside Nurse Evan’s big dick. Two in one hole certainly goes in this fab episode of Medical Malpractice. This is one health service inititative that could run and run. Make sure your health plan covers all eventualities. Get this video at Hothouse!

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Sexy Men in Gay Porn
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